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All about Hydrangeas.....

Love our Hydrangeas? so do we. I have been asked a lot lately if they are simple to keep alive and the answer is yes! If you can spare a couple of minutes a week to give them a good drink, you’re on the right track for success.

Hydrangeas are one of those easy plants, if you can follow a few simple rules with them. NEVER leave in direct Sunlight, they will go limp very quickly & NEVER leave them out in the frost, unless they are established.

This has happened to the best of us many times, longer Spring days & sunshine arrives, and we all go mad once again to be out in the garden........ then bang just like that a clear night in late April comes along and you end up with beautiful, coloured flowers, that have all simply turned into green cucumber smelling mush. But never fear, simply cut off the frost bitten heads & keep them in a warm location and they will soon recover.

Our 14cm Hydrangeas are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Keeping them in our homes not only gives us that sense of summer is coming but also all year-round colour and cheer, let’s face it we all could do with some of that!

Hydrangeas love to be in partial sunlight and stood in a dish of water for an hour or so a couple of times a week, more often when it is warm. We will be planting all our house Hydrangeas out, after they have fully flowered into large zinc containers in our court-yard garden. This must be done before the first frost & will allow them to create blooms for years and years to come.

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