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Its Nearly Time For Au Revoir................ For Now.....

As many of you know Darling Buds of Windsor will be welcoming a new addition in the coming weeks and Natalie our Owner Will be starting her maternity leave as of the 2nd of September 2023.

This weekend will mark her last weekend running the Town centre stall before The Girls, Phillipa, Heather & Daisy Take to the reins! oh not forgetting Natalie's Other half Nicholas who will be also helping as and when! All of whom will happily take your orders and give you advice and information that you may need.

We have streamed lined our website, we have updated our FAQ's and Ordering has never been simpler. While Natalie Is away Katie will oversee the admin who will happily help you during our open hours.

However, we will not be able to book in any large events or Christmas Decor unless this is booked in before Saturday 2nd September.

Christmas Tree delivery Slots are 50% now sold out, with some area zones nearly full, WE WILL NOT BE ADDING MORE! you have all been warned.

This is also the same with our Christmas Workshops which are now 80% Booked.

If you do need to get in contact with Natalie, as mentioned she will be working until the 2nd of September.

With Love Darling Buds of Windsor

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