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Summer News Letter 2023!

With the summer in full swing........ not sure i should say that ? we are busy planning ahead for the rest of the year, here is whats happening for the rest of the year and some dates for your diary!

Natalie will be off on Maternity leave on the 2nd of September and will be back to work on a full-time basis in February, during this time she will not be available, however you will see her hosting a range of Christmas workshops!

Katie will be monitoring the emails and admin during this time, with Phillipa, Daisy, Heather & Nick working on the Town centre stall. Katie and Kelsie will be working in the workshop creating all online orders and stock for our town centre stall.

We are currently operating summer trading hours in Windsor Peascod Street until September 1st, 2023.Were open there Thursday and Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturdays 8am - 3pm.

From the 8th of September we will be back to our winter times of Fridays and Saturdays only. (On added dates such as Christmas eve and Halloween!) You can find all of our town centre stall opening times on our home page on the website.

Christmas Trees & Christmas Workshops

This is your 5-day warning! All Christmas Tree deliveries and Workshop places will be solely done on first come first served basis this year! They will go live this coming Sunday, you will get an email once they are live, however we will not be able to add any further customers to any delivery slots or workshops once sold out! just because you’re a regular customer and forgot this year we cannot make any exceptions.

Our website is being updated again, as many of you know we struggle with our mobile version, which is something we are working on however, if you select desktop version on your phone you can get a better view! You will see lots of new ranges and some new services we will be offering very very soon!

For all of you who are on holiday enjoy! And for all those of you who are here in the UK, we wish you all a very lovely Summer and we see you all soon.

The DBOW Team

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